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Why do I even Try?

There are some people in the world who refuse to exercise common sense. They're the people who know better, but don't do better. The kind of people who have the resources, yet refuse to use them. The kind of people who are stuck on stupid, for lack of better words.

In a perfect world, everyone can be helped, but in real-life, it doesn't work like that. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to help a person, they may not be willing to receive your assistance. Their willingness to stay in their situation may be the thing to break the relationship you have with them.

I know someone (because I always have an example lol) who has a butt-load of a children. Now let me make it clear that I believe all children are a blessing. However, you do your children a disservice when you don't have the adequate resources to support your child/children, but you keep reproducing like you have the means. This person works, but complains about not making enough due to his child support.

My suggestion was first and foremost a vasectomy (lol), then I suggested that he find something he was interested in and use that to generate another stream of income, or maybe get a part-time job to compensate all 'dem babies getting their due portion of his income.

Out of all of my suggestions, nothing seemed to be good enough. Why? Because he's unhappily content. I can't say that I've never been there, but a some point your desire to progress should outshine your desire to be stagnant. In this situation, I look at my daughter, and as a mother I want to provide her with the best. I will walk through fire if it will secure her future and well-being because that's my job.

My desire for her to never have to worry about things and to have the best of the best gets me out of bed. I'm the person who knows what to do with my gifts and resources. As for those who don't, continue to pray for them and ask God to work with them, because at the end of the day He can get to their heart much quicker than we can.

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