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Born and Raised in Fort Worth, TX, Queen Rae has always had a love for anything that allowed her to express her creativity, including but not limited to writing. She is the mother of one amazing princess, the daughter of loving parents, the youngest of two daughters, and the aunt of four.

Her passions are God, the light of her life, her daughter, writing career, family, crafting and doing what is necessary to live her best life while fulfilling her purpose.

She is the founder of QueenMe, an organization founded to empower women to shine their own crowns.

Twitter: @ShiningMyCrown

Instagram: @ShiningMyCrown

Facebook: Queen Rae The Author

Thank you for being a part of the journey!

ABOUT Shine Your Crown, LLC...


"Empowering & Equipping the Women of God to shine their own crown!"


It's all about  knowing who you are in God so you don't  look for validation in the World!




Queen Rae, The Author. Creator and lover of feel-good love stories that take you to another world.

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