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, Sometimes, a self check is extremely necessary and can help you to get yourself together before God gets you together.

Sometimes, my mind will go so far left that I will literally have to slap myself ( okay, maybe not literally lol) and remind me that I'm worthy of nothing that God has given me and I don't deserve to be at any place or level that God's grace has allowed me to inhabit.

Honestly, when things happen (for me personally) it's easy to question God and ask "Lord why me?" Not even realizing that even in a uncomfortable situation, He still has us.

I think directly to loosing my daughter's father. I said God " why would you allow me to really fall in love after a divorce, finally answer my prayer for a child, and then shatter my world." But if it had not been for God holding me through the storm, in the palm of His hands, I wouldn't have made it. Grief, depression and anxiety had such a hold on me that I shouldn't have been able to function. I should not be alive today. OH BUT THE BLOOD!!!!!

Sometimes you have to see yourself as nothing so that you can praise God for everything. My life has not been perfect but I thank God that my storm's didn't destroy me.

Check yourself, because I do daily. It's not about what you go through but it's about knowing who's holding you while you're going through. You may feel a splash of water in your storm but God has blocked the tsunami and you didn't even know!

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