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Wait...Don't Worry...Be Happy.

I have a daily routine that I abide by abide. For me, a routine allows me to hold on to some form of sanity and level of normal while the world around me is in disarray. I go for a drive at the same time every day, but today I was behind a few minutes behind schedule.

Normally, I make a mountain out of things that shouldn't have the ability to disturb my peace. (I let small things shake me.) Today however, I shrugged those few minutes off and left with a smile on face. I enjoyed my drive and even jammed to some music.

As I was driving, I noticed brake lights of all the cars in front of me. When I looked to the left, I saw a 4 or 5 car collision that had literally just happened. People were just getting out of their cars to see the damage that had been done to their vehicles.

Now, if I would have been on my schedule, I could have easily been in one of the totaled cars that I was able to bypass. The blessing was that I was safe and I didn't get stuck in traffic.

Experiencing delay or being "off schedule" doesn't mean that you'll never get to your destination...sometimes the delay means that you when you arrive to your destination, you will do so safely. I'd rather be late and arrive with my peace, than to be on-time but hurt or dead.

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