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Then the sun sets...

Every since my daughters father died, death really gets to me. When someone near me dies, I go into 'black veil mode'.

On 03/12, my grandfather passed and although we didn't have the typical grandfather & granddaughter relationship, I went into 'black veil mode'. And even though, I know that he wanted to go Home to be with God and the rest of our family, the thought of never seeing someone or hearing their voice again, devastates me.

However, in all of that, I have to remember that the most important thing to understand, and the best thing that I can do for him, is to continue to live my life and to continue to live each day to the fullest.

Some relationships are strained but in his death, I realize that sometimes you have to knock down a poor built structure, starting at the foundation, if your desire is to build something new, that will withstand anything. Meaning, that you may not have a good relationship with someone but maybe your desire is to; you may have to start from scratch with that person, from the foundation and build/work towards the relationship that you desire. Don't let harbored feelings and resentment stop you from having something amazing. Time is one of the few things that you can never get back. When the sun sets....that is the end.

Rest easy Grandpa Frank!!

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