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Moment of Transparency...

It's been almost a month to date since my last blog post.

I'm never away because blogging isn't a priority for me, because it is. I duck off because sometimes I find it hard to be the helping hand and encouraging voice that I find myself needing. Over the past month or so I have experienced depression at a intense level and it's to the point that I'm physically sick. The worst part of it aside from me accepting depression, is that nothing is wrong. From the outside looking in my life is great, but that is far from how I feel.

God is so gracious, loving, forgiving, kind, and etc., yet no matter what I do, I find myself focusing on the darkness instead of the sunshine. Focusing on The Light is my goal because at the end of the day I want the sunshine to be my dwelling place and I don't think my mind, body, or spirit can handle moving forward in it's current state.

Anytime I share from a place of vulnerability (like now) I hope that my transparency let's someone else know they are not alone. God has something greater for us and depression (or whatever you are going through) won't be the thing that defines us.

I love y'all and I will be back per my normal schedule, Wednesday's!

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