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If you are reading this, You are Probably Quarantined...

"There is only one you. Own your uniqueness and know that you can never be duplicated only imitated."

So......I have been quarantined for about three weeks now and I'm cool.

To be honest, I enjoy not being around a lot of people and I get super tense in situation where I have to be a part of large crowds. On top of that, I have been working from home and I don't have to deal with my co-workers face to face. :-)

Now, y'all know that I have been on a fitness journey for a while and being quarantined has actually helped me by giving me more time for my workouts and has forced me to work on my eating habits. I've actually lost weight since I have been at home and with my love for 'just because' snacking, that is something to be proud of.

I am not an expert on anything but,I can confidently say that in order for us to make it through this period of uncertainty we need to pray. I also think that it is important to stop focusing on the things that we can't control and start focusing on what we have the opportunity to change. For example, I can't change the fact that the stores are low on toilet tissue and are out of sanitizer. I can however, control what I do with my new found free-time.

Its more important now, more than ever to focus on the positive because the world is seemingly in a negative and scarce state. Peoples livelihoods now have a big question mark on them but have to keep pressing forward and trust that this too shall pass. God has brought us to this and HE WILL bring us through this. Focus on the positive. You have control of your thoughts. Choose to make them happy.

I am praying for everybody in the midst of all of this chaos. This too shall pass!!!!

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