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I have lived to smile another day...

One of the biggest things that has always held me back from reaching my full potential, is myself and my need to be on "my timeline". The timeline that I established for myself years ago that told me that both my husband and I should be making 6 figures and living in a 6 bedroom 4 1/2 bath home with a swimming pool along with our 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls). My husband and I are supposed to be talking about expanding our family by 1 or 2 before I turn 30 and we are supposed to be doing our family planning while on Baecation. Meanwhile, in the timeline that God has established for me (real life), I am a single mother of 1 that is in no way, no shape or no form doing family planning of any kind. PERIOD!!! I am however praying that God honors my desire of home-ownership and if He wants to bless me with that 6 bedroom, 4 1/2 bath home, I will praise Him every single time that I walk through the door. My door bell will be a praise break and I will give that praise break my all! And if He sends me my King, we can go adopt some babies because your girl is Hot Girl Summer Ready (Almost.).

I have learned that when we put limits on how life should go and approach life by what God should or shouldn't be doing, we are putting Him in a box and not allowing Him to truly have His way in our life. God is so divine and so amazing that He designed each of our walks to be different and we are different in purpose with purpose. Don't compare your walk to anyone else's. Take each season for what it is and for what work God is trying to complete within you.

If you would have told me 10 years ago that my life would be how it is now, I would have slapped you. However, because God's plan has prevailed (now that I've stopped fighting) I am so much more than what I would have been had God put my plan before His. I am not where I thought that I would be, but I am so proud of who I am and what I have overcome to be here. I have lived to smile another day! Keep pushing Queen and stay in your lane. You were built for this.

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