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Do what makes you happy!

Affirmation: "Yes, I am flawed. I am perfectly imperfect and I love it!"

So..... I started growing my hair out after cutting the sides and the back off last year. I was growing it back just because and it seemed like in growing it back, I was losing myself. I can't really explain it but just know that the other day, I went for it and I cut my hair off again.

Being semi-bald headed (lol) makes me feel free. I feel like I am really embracing me and who I am without my hair. I think that it's because for so long my hair has been a crutch and something that I felt like I needed to have in order to be 'pretty' and now that I have given up that thought, I am able to look in the mirror and see my true self. A self who doesn't care what people think of me. A self who isn't defined by society's standard of beauty. A self who feels strong. A self who feels amazing.

When I cut my hair off, everybody looked at me like I was crazy and I looked at them and smiled. I decided not to let there opinion of what I should do with MY appearance, stop me from doing what I wanted to do.

For you , it may not be your hair but I encourage you to do what makes you happy and stay true to who God created you to be. I am a little different, I a little peculiar but I am happily me!

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