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Chapter 28!

Affirmation: "I won't apologize for my God-given glow. I was born to shine."

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday. I still can't believe that I am that old, but it is a blessing nonetheless. To think about everything that I have been through in the past six years alone, makes me thank God for not allowing it to destroy me. I am so grateful that I survived! With that survival, I think about the lessons that I have learned, especially about love and friendships.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned would have to be letting my expectations be known in my relationships. I am a loyal friend, and unfortunately I haven't always received the same energy that I have put into my relationships, and I used to be okay with that, but not anymore.

I'm so okay with not settling and getting less than I deserve in any situation, that I'm content in being by myself. Being by myself is not a death sentence, it is a chance to grow, and to focus on myself, and my businesses. I'm not solely talking about having a boyfriend or dating, but, I am talking about having friendships. I'm okay with not having friends if it means not being surrounded by supportive and consistent people.

My desire for this year of my life, is to be surrounded by supportive and consistent people, and to be that for them in return.

Cheers to me and a great year!

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