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But first, you need to heal..

With 2020 being a new start to many, several people will claim to move forward and onto new things but the most important part of moving on is to heal. Healing is the most important aspect of closing an old chapter and beginning something new. Without healing you truly can't start fresh because you will be carrying the very thing that you are trying to get away from.

There are many ways that healing can occur and the "best way" to heal is different depending upon the situation and the person that needs to heal. In struggling with depression and losing my daughters father, my healing came by praying, processing that God did not punish me by taking my child's father and learning how to healthily grieve him while not allowing grief to overtake me. Even with healing from my divorce, I had to learn myself and to find the beauty and new meaning of life and that was also a process. My healing did not come over night and it was a struggle to get to the place of being ready for my next chapter.

The first step is acknowledging that you are holding on to baggage and then working through your thoughts and emotions regarding the situation. Start with God and if necessary don't hesitate to solicit your friends or even a licensed professional such as a therapist, in order to move forth. Whatever you do, heal. You can't move forward without doing the work that will ensure that your next chapter is successful.

Happy New Year!!!!

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