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Authenticity is something that comes naturally but it's something that many people (myself included) struggle with expressing.

I'm one of the goofiest people that you will ever meet. I have an off sense of humor and I tend to keep my jokes to myself because I don't like exposing that part of myself. But it's me! My sense of humor is what makes me unique. It's one of the many aspects of my personality that makes me authentic.

With the pandemic, I know that many people have branched out to start their own businesses, but there are many people who have been afraid to do so because they may fail.

A lot of people are capable of doing something that you do but the difference is that they are not you. Nobody possess the ability to do you like you can do you.

Authenticity is something that you wake it up. The only cost of embracing your authenticity is shedding the people in your life who don't want you to tap in to who you truly are.

2020 was too draining for us not to embrace our true selves and live out our dreams. Start that business. Tell that joke. Open up. Be vulnerable. Be a little impulsive. Live!!!

Don't deny yourself the opportunity to be your best and authentic self!

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