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Affirmation: Nobody can be me better than I can.

I'm sure you've noticed a few of the changes I've been making around from the logo, colors, the updated shopping area, and a few other things here and there. Why am I making these changes? Because Shine Your Crown, LLC is growing as a brand and as a business.

Thankfully, I can say the same for myself because I'm also growing and rebranding myself as a person.

Rebranding doesn't mean chopping my hair off (which I did), getting a new wardrobe (which someone blessed me with), or switching up the people whom I associate with (which God did). Sometimes rebranding is making the conscious decision to grow on a daily basis.

In everything that I've been through, I've always fought to get back to the person I was before the situation, but it took God to show me that if I went back to that person, then I would be going back to who I was before the growth and development the situations brought out in me. Every situation you go through and every obstacle you overcome is God way of rebranding you to be better.

Don't go against His plan for your growth trying to get back to the way you were before it happened.

Don't wait for the new year to start walking in the person and person you are meant to be. Start today! Rebrand yourself.

Starting 11/30/2020, I am on Vlogcation. I will be returning in 2021. Happy Holidays!!!

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