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Let me just say that January was rough, but I am determined to be better this year. I make up my mind daily to do more than just exist. I want to live and fulfill my purpose and yesterday, God allowed me to walk through a door that I never had faith to even dream of. This door was in the category of "Wouldn't that be cool..." or the category of "It would be awesome if....". Honestly I am in disbelief that God has allowed me to be in this position and because a contract is involved, I can only say so much but I am EXCITED about this extension of QueenMe. Truly God get all of the Glory because without Him, this would still be a dream that I didn't have the faith to speak on.

Nevertheless, it was prophesied to me twice in January that my husband is coming soon. How do I feel about that? I feel a way lol. Why? Because I am content right now with just my daughter and I. Also, I know that I have so much to do as a woman, within myself that a husband just isn't on my immediate list. (I know what i said about my clock ticking a few weeks but don't y'all remember marriage #1......Yeah I'm good on that.) As I was thinking about the things that I want to do to help other women and to encourage other women, God brought Ruth into my remembrance and the fact that she was working when Boaz found her.

Fulfilling your purpose is the work that God has assigned to you to do. Some people are sent their help mate at the beginning of their purpose, some the middle and some the end and that is ultimately up to God. I can't say one way or the other when Bae will come but what I can tell you is that when he finds me, I will be working and securing the bag. He won't have to train me on how to grind because hustling is already in my blood.

There's nothing wrong with focusing on 'you' until it is time for 'us' or 'y'all'. A woman's primary focus and purpose should not be becoming a wife or finding a man (He should find you.). You have to know who you are outside of your relationship in order for it to flourish. Let me put it like this, if you are trying to build a tower on top of two blocks, and one of the two blocks is weak, the tower is going to fall. Don't be the weak link because of the fact that you don't know who you are. Know who you are. Know whose you are. Know what you are called to do and be found doing it. Let him find you hustling sis!

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