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Creating a Happy Place!

Some people have a circle of people that they keep around them and through that 'circle', they receive support, assistance, advice, etc. and then some people solely depend on God. (Not to say that if you have a 'circle', your 'circle' takes away your value of or your relationship with God.) Life and depending on my 'circle' has taught me that most people are the most solid and reliable when it's convenient for them. For example, everybody claims my child until her tuition is due or she has some sort of expense but she is claimed by everybody when it is convenient and free! It has taken a lot for me not to side-eye these people and although I have my moments of "Remember when..." I love them for who they are because God has used them to show me who He is.

Now if you have a solid circle of people who love and support you even when it's not convenient for them, you need to stop reading and start shouting because you are #BlessedBLESSED. However, to reach a true Omarion-level of unbothered, sometimes God allows people to disappoint you so that you know for sure, without a shadow of a doubt that God is as solid as a rock. I can say that from experience. Honestly, tomorrow everyone that I know could turn their back on me ( Please don't let it happen Sweet Jesus, Amen.) and if they do, I know that God has me and He has proved that to me. In moments where I may have been physically alone or I may have felt alone, God has stepped in and given me the hug, comfort or embrace that I needed in that moment.

Creating a happy place is creating a space in your life where you and God reside. A happy place is a state of mind and attitude, not an actual place. (Although every time I'm in Hobby Lobby, I light up, (lol)) My happy place is a mentality that has been developed through prayer, preserverance, solidarity and a WHOLE-LOTTA (whole lot of, (don't judge my grammar)) tears. Although I hated the process, my the level of unbothered that I become was definitely what I needed for where I am today.

P.S. Once God allows your happy place to be built, don't allow anyone do any unnecessary renovations. (Don't kill my vibe!)

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