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God does everything for a reason, a season and a lifetime...

Sometimes, I look at other 27 year old's, living their best life freely without hesitation, reservation and conviction and I am simply amazed. Truthfully, if God asked me before He finalized 'My Purpose', I would probably still be in somebody's club yelling "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT????" (Just being honest.) I would have suggested that we edit out the dark parts, parts of sadness and definitely edit out the times that failure and depression appeared.

I have always been different but I never knew why. I was an outcast, wanting to fit in but always standing out. I was never comfortable doing what everyone else did but I hated sitting on the sideline and not being included. Through that, I have ended up in some self-inflicted, conflicting situations because I refused to be true to my identity in God. At the age of 27, I am truly getting to know myself and how I fit-in, in God. I'm learning that it's okay to be the pierced and tatted worship leader because non of my tattoo's go against my faith or disrespect the God that I serve, and its okay that my hair is multi-colored and shaved off on the sides, He still knows how many strands are there. I am learning that God does everything for a reason, a season and a lifetime and although the burden seems heavy, God is allowing me to survive. I am learning that being true to myself & honoring God may not fit into your box and I am more than okay with that. I have fought too hard to step out my shell and I refuse to mute myself to make you feel comfortable.

I am who I am for a reason. This is my season. & I have been purposed and built to last a lifetime. I'm glad that God didn't include me when He wrote 'My Purpose' because He knew that I would have sold myself short, crashed and burned.

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