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I naturally have an extremely low tolerance for foolishness and ignorance which makes dating in today's society tough. (LOL) With that being said, sometimes I wonder if I hit the 'block contact' setting too frequently. I'm finding it hard now that I seriously want to date, to draw the line on or around certain issues. In all honestly, I have been single for almost 3 years and for 2 years plus, I didn't even entertain the idea of having a conversation with a man outside of my daughters father.

(Sidenote: I thought that the most important thing that I could do during that time, was to heal and to focus on myself and my mental, physical and emotional health. I still have my days but I never want another man to suffer because I haven't done the proper healing. I owe that much to myself and I definitely owe that much to my daughter.)

I can admit that I am a 'particular' person and that in being a relationship with myself, I am content in cutting someone off and moving on because I'm so content with myself that going back to single bliss is a happy comfort zone for me. With that, I know that if I want something news, I have to be uncomfortable and understanding in the fact that my next and hopefully final man, won't be perfect. I am sure that there will be days were he perfectly gets on my nerves but I know that he will be urk my nerves the way that God has designed him to and vice versa.

My prayer, going forward is that God allows me to know when to fight and when to let go. I also pray that even know, God will guide me and allow me effectively pray for the man that He has waiting for me. I will not take my next relationship lightly and because of everything that I have gone through, I will carelessly love him and throw caution out of the window, treasuring every moment that I am blessed to be with him, in his presence.

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