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Ten Things that I want to teach my daughter...

I am raising a Black Queen in a crazy world. In a world full of people preying on her and plotting her demise, I am raising a Queen!

1) I pray that I can teach her and demonstrate to her the ability to have solid faith in God!

2) I pray that I can instill in her self- love; embracing all of what God has created her to be.

3) I pray that no matter if she is a stick (skinny) or a steak (thick) that she will love what she sees when she looks in the mirror and won't need anyone's no-good soon to reinforce anything.

4) I pray that I can teach her the importance of praying, fasting and giving.

5) I pray that she always has a grateful and giving heart and hands but has the wisdom to never get played.

6) I pray that my daughter will never let a title define who she is.

7) I pray that I can inspire her to think outside of the box and break glass ceilings.

8) I pray that she picks up my cooking and baking skills so that she can be a chef in the kitchen.

9) I pray that I can teach her that settling is never an option even if it's comfortable.

10) Lastly, I pray that she always knows that she is never alone because she always has God and her Mommy!

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