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I think that we all have one thing about ourselves that we think could be better either physically or internally (character). I will be the first to say that physically, I want a bigger butt. I squat day in and day out but I can only get so far. It is something that I can admit that I am EXTREMELY self-conscious about, even as I lose weight, that is still a "problem-area" for me and as a semi-thick woman, I think that it should be bigger . I have even thought about surgery (Yes, I'm serious.).

A guy that I dated years ago, used to call me 'little butt' and make remarks on the size of my butt. With that already being a 'sore' area for me, his comments only heightened an insecurity that I have had since puberty. None of my ex's prior to him or after him had ever said anything about it and even though I loved myself, I still remained insecure about my butt. One day, my child's father and I were having a conversation, and I told him that I wanted a big butt and his response was "Babe you're perfect." :-)

None of us are perfect but as women we have to love ourselves, fully and completely. There's a blessing in having a man who loves us beyond our own self-love. The world spends enough time tearing us down, as a partner your job is to build. It's okay to pump each other up, but don't allow a man to give life to your insecurities. A man should love you in a way that makes you love yourself more but in order for him to do that, you already have to love yourself enough to love him in the same capacity.

"It could all be so simple. But you'd rather make it hard. Loving you is like a battle And we both end up with scars. Tell me, who I have to be, To get some reciprocity. No one loves you more than me, And no one ever will." -Ex-Factor, Lauryn Hill

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