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Watching God align...

I think that because I have always been a really "God I got this" type of person (pray for me), God truly blesses me and is proud of me when I begin to walk in my God-given purpose. I am currently working on 2 novels, working on my business plan and looking at getting my Master's degree and God is blessing me in other areas of my life because I am trying to hear and see what He wants me to do.

My personal belief is that many women of God will be blessed from the ministry that is within me, and because my walk is tied to someone's deliverance, God is going to bless the road that I walk while I am doing His will and exercising His purpose for my life.

If it had not been for my love of God and conviction in God, I would be several male's baby mama, and that is me keeping ti 100% and being transparent, but because I always felt God wheeling me back in from doing X,Y and Z, I am in a season where I am watching God align the many blessings that He has for me. What part of your purpose are you delaying? What gift are you sitting on? I'm asking for a friend!

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