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I used to joke with myself and say that after a guy dated me, and we ended (for whatever reason), he would go on and meet the woman that he would end up with. (I have my receipts together to back up that statement too! (lol))

I would look at it as a moment of "whats wrong with me?", even if the relationship ended amicably. However, time and life have taught me that this occurs because of the type of person that I am; I posses the capability to see others potential and that is not something that is a flaw because not everyone can love and let go. I don't mind helping people and working towards dreams and being a pillar to lean on, a source of inspiration and encouragement.

I am not the type of woman to listen to your dreams and be content with you not living your purpose and walking towards your full potential. And honestly a man with no goals, dreams or ambition is a turn off. like a "Thank you, NEXT!" type of turn-off. There's nothing wrong with helping a man that isn't the man that you are going to end up with simply because there is currently some woman requiring your man to open her door without her asking, she's teaching him to be romantic and thoughtful, getting him in the habit of going to church faithfully, she may even be blowing his phone up which will allow him to appreciate the trust that you will show him, and she is ultimately helping him be the perfect man for you. And it is crazy that she won't think that she wasted her time when their relationship ends because another woman is doing the same for her.

Don't think of any relationship as a waste, but rather a lesson and a stepping stone to your forever partner.

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