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I am going through something body-wise that I don't want to go into detail about now, but trust, I will eventually break it down. ( I am however putting out my solicitation for the prayer warriors to touch and agree from God's healing power to rest on me! IMMEDIATELY) I will say, that it's nothing life-threatening but surgery and recovery time will be needed.

I often go back and forth as to why God is allowing me to experience all of thing that I have gone through within the past few years. It wasn't until I took my daughter to the park, that He broke it down to me. See, I was working out and I walked past a park as I was pushing my daughters stroller, and like any normal kid would, I knew that my daughter wanted to go. So, I finished my workout and on the way back, we stopped at the park. Disclaimer: As a child, I stayed in, played with my dolls and watched Moesha and That's So Rave.

I got my daughter out of her stroller and we begin to play on the jungle gym that was designed for older kids. I had to lift her, climb on all kinds of equipment while guiding her and making sure that she was safe, and having fun.

I say all of that because, a few months ago, I wouldn't have been able to climb or lift her, or run around with her because of how out of shape I was. And, I definitely couldn't fit through a kid-sized tunnel. But, because of how I exercise, my physique is in better condition and I can do things that were previously impossible.

& That's how it is in life. God exercises our faith and trust in Him so that we are able to have a stronger spiritual physique, and experience new things because of our new found strength. Because of the joy that I experienced because of the fact that I am able to run around with my daughter (not to mention right after a workout) I can only imagine the joy that i will experience after being elevated because I have successfuly exercised my spirit and my faith in God.

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