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Last week God blessed me to get a new car! *Praise break*

Today, while I was driving, I was reminded of something that God spoke to me at the end of last year that is just now manifesting. If you are like me, I expect to pray, then open my eyes and immediately see the manifestation of my prayer, but God does not always work like that. (Trust me!)

In all that we go through in life, it is important to remind yourself that God is sovereign and He has your best interest at heart. I know that sometimes it doesn't feel like it, but to look back and see all that I went through and all of the "No's" that I heard, I appreciate my blessing and my 'Yes!" So much more, because of what I had to go through! 

On the flip side think about thing's that you've prayed for that God spared you from...That fine man that God blocked, you were sad but then you found out that he was abusive. That job that you wanted...You were sad that you didn't get it, but God moved you to something else, saving you from unemployment because little did you know, that company that you wanted to work for is going to close that particular department, laying off thousands of people without notice.

Although you may cry, although you may feel defeated, ans although your faith is fading, trust God and trust the process. God's got you!

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