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You can do it too!

I never quite understood why I have never felt that my gifts were special enough. See, I am the definition of ‘my-worst-critic’ and I have to remind myself daily to pat myself on the back and shine my own crown. Although, the message of “Shining your own crown!”, is the surface and root of my purpose and soapbox, I have to check myself in the area of doubt. Honestly, one of the best skills that you can possess is the ability to be your own cheerleader, and that comes from knowing who you are in God, not in the world, not in the street, not in your circle of friend, but in God.

I love reading but since becoming a Mommy, it is a hobby that has been pushed off of the stove (it’s not even on the back burner). However, recently I have gotten back into reading books and I have even become an Audible lover. In the midst of reading and/or listening to books, I have realized one of my most ‘slept-on’ gifts, and that gift is writing; God has given me books and plays that I have been too scared to share with the world because of self-doubt. But my self-doubt reflects a doubt in the gift that God has given me , but today I am telling myself that “ I can do it too!” I don’t have to be a victim of fear; Fear of failure and fear of success wont be my chains anymore. I have to have enough confidence in God to believe and trust that my purpose is special and that my gifts will indeed make room for me, (all 6,000 of them).

There are plenty of authors, screenwriters, musicians, seamstress, designers, creators, bloggers, and etc., and I can do it too!

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