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This Situational Thing...

I think that a lot of times, we put ourselves in certain positions, (especially when it concerns relationships) because we think that it is the right thing to do. As a woman, I never wanted to be a that had kids with more than one man. However, given the fact, that my child’s father is deceased, I have no choice other than to cross that road if I want another child or if I get married again (which is not in my heart).

As a mother, I have to acknowledge that I would have done anything for my daughter to be able to live in a home with both of her parents, and I acknowledge that despite my daughter having a sibling her age (older), I would have made the relationship work. Why? Because I have always wanted a family, and because I love her father. A two-parent home, is my personal desire, but my definition of ‘family’ may not have been good for my daughter. Not to bash or to speak down on anyone, I just want to note that my daughter has siblings, and their mothers, are cut from a completely, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT cloth.

& That is the nicest way that that can be said. (As a side-note, I do often wonder what my daughter will think about her dads #FertilitySquadGoals in relation to the number of siblings that she has.)

But, moving on, in terms of relationships, we all have to evaluate our end goal(s) to know how our current situation fits in. As for me, my main focus is to please God and my sub-focuses are; To be a great mother. Provide my daughter with everything that she needs to be an amazing and godly woman. Not to be financially restricted. Walk in God’s purpose for me. & ETC.

But, how can I meet those if I get into a situation with a man that doesn’t want to work, doesn’t serve God and has no drive or zest for life?........I’ll let you answer that.

Many people settle for situations because:

  1. They don’t want to be alone.

  2. They don’t know their worth.

  3. They are in lust not in love.

  4. They think that it is ‘right’ and have convinced themselves that it is what they want/need.

But, if (we) you are honest with yourself (ourselves), as women, as Christian Women, we know from the first “Hello” when a situation is toxic. We just choose to continue the charade, often in hopes that it will magically transform and become ‘right’ or non-toxic. Now, it could change. But, what if it doesn’t? What if God has a greater level of commitment out there for you? What if you are blocking your own blessings? What if you are delaying your own destiny? What if you are allowing yourself to become the toxin?

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