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Hear my tears...

The other day, I was at church and I felt the Holy Ghost, urge me to pray. I began to pray for everyone that He dropped into my spirit, praying what He told me to pray, as He told me to pray it. Knowing good and well that while I had Him so very 'there' in that moment, I had a few...okay several, things weighing on my heart for myself, I interceded on the behalf of others.

From experience, some people can't pray for themselves and some people can't pray for anyone else, but, the blessing is being able to do both. In all honestly sometimes, my heart is so heavy and I can't form the words so I lay down before God and cry, I ask God to hear and heal my heart because I know that He can interpret my tears in the times where the words won't form.

Immediate confirmation of what the Holy Spirit had me to do and say, came from my Bishop's sermon, leaving me in complete Awwe.

I say that to say this, don't be discouraged. Sometimes God doesn't move how we ask or desire, because our prayer language isn't the right frequency. I have seen so many things turn around from me emptying myself out in tears, not know what my tears mean but giving them to God so that He could work. God moved on behalf of my tears.

I will continue to say that QueenMe is a ministry. Know that you always have a prayer partner in me. I never want any of you to feel alone or feel hopeless, and if you do, I pray that God blesses your heart and brings healing and restoration.

Whoever this is for, I love you dearly but God loves you so much more than you will ever know. Although what you are going through may seem unbearable, know that God is carrying the weight, we are just experiencing the winds, He is protecting us from the rain and currents.

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