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"I want to be like her..."

Growing up, I always felt like the cute fat friend, the one who hadn't blossomed yet, the one with the cute face but 'other' body, and so many other labels that I honestly just placed on myself,and I remember thinking so many times, that I wanted to be someone else. Someone Prettier. Someone lighter. Someone taller. Someone more charismatic. Someone with more money. Someone with longer hair. Someone with better metabolism. Someone who was anyone but me.

Now, I am close to being sans 50 pounds and lately, I've been receiving a lot of compliments from the very people that I wanted to be. And I now realize, that playing my game of 'someone else' stopped me from embracing 'me'. Playing 'someone else' put a dimmer on how bomb I really am as a person, and for that I publicly apologize to myself.

I think that every woman needs to do what it takes to feel their best, for me; being my best consist of focusing on my walk with God, working out and maintaining my nails and hair. (I'm not a big makeup person, just give me some of that lip gloss that Lil Mama was talking about.)

One woman, who is close to me, that I have admired for years told me "Meco, you look so good, girl. OMG I wish that I could look like you!" *insert car screech* WHAT???!!!????...... Now, I have spent years admiring her fierceness, only for her to have been secretly admiring mines. What!!

See,this is why it is so important to shine others crowns while you are shining your own. Every woman should be so confident and convinced of her own radiance, that we only compliment each other, and not aim to be each other. I believe that 90-95% of us have #BeyonceBodyGoals (Not me. I'm #LaurenLondonGoals or #AngelaSimmonsGoals.) But I digress.

Let's just stop to appreciate that we are us.

You are you.

I am me.

And We can't be each other.

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