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I would rather....

So I am not a huge fan of meeting new people especially when it relates to dating. I would honestly rather go to my closet of ex's take one out, know the dust off and keep moving. Now, most relationships end for a reason other than just 'falling off', at least that's the truth for me.

In talking to one of my male friends that pull a out of style ex out of his closet, I realized that some things don't work for reason and some things don't work because of the season, and if we are honest with ourselves, we normally know the reason. For me, ('m telling on myself) there is this guy. He's not marriage material, has too many kids, doesn't know what he wants in life (he's 30), not as committed to God as I am and the list of con's just keeps going. But, he is familiar and because of that I have entertained him and had conversations that went nowhere beyond me having a free moment here and a free moment there.

My wake-up moment was when I started to talk about goals for myself and for my daughter and his response was non-existent.

Now I have a child and because of my situation (my daughters father being deceased and his family being absent), I don't have any baby mama/daddy drama, but at a minimum, if you want me to deal with various levels of immaturity regarding a co-parenting situation, AT MINIMUM, you should have a vision for yourself. You should have goals. You should have ambition. You should have a plan.

I am willing to let the past be the past. I don't harbor any ill will towards any of my ex's, not even my ex-husband. But, situations don't work for a reason. Now, in the instance that God has someone who He is holding for a season, great. But I am not going in the attic trying to put on something that is two-sizes too small, that I haven't worn since middle school.

& That's all folks.

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