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Not Sorry....

Not sorry.... One day, I was out and about, and I saw someone who holds a special place in my heart but because of their lifestyle and how I strive to live my life, I no longer go around them as much, or really at all. Now, when I saw them, I was with people whom I have a professional relationship with, which also played a factor. Now, y’all know that I do my best to honor other’s privacy and to maintain a certain level of respect for others….so if I am being cryptic, it is because I truly love this person. So, what I will say, is that this person chooses to live a lifestyle that God destroyed a city for….(read your Bible or Google then read your Bible). With that being said, I saw them, and I instantly engrossed myself in a conversation with my colleague. I know that they didn’t see me because if they would have, I would have addressed them and even introduced them. However, that is not something that I wanted to be associated with. Initially, I felt bad because of the love that I have for this person, and I even had the thought, that I denied that person. But, I shouldn’t feel bad because I choose not to associate with something that isn’t of God. The Bible does say that darkness and light have no fellowship, once you are in a dark room, and cut the lights on, you know longer see darkness, or at least you shouldn’t. There are so many things that God has told, isn’t right, yet for whatever reason we ignore it, which leads to us condoning it, which eventually leads us to accepting it and some of us may even begin to advocate whatever that thing is. Listen good, and hear me when I say that I AM NOT PERFECT. I have to reel myself in all of the time and reevaluate what I allow to manifest on the battlefield of my mind. But, I always say that “ I have enough to answer for when I see God, I can’t answer for your stuff and mines.” This means, that I am faulty and if I can get to 99 1/5 I’d consider myself blessed, but I’ll keep pushing towards 100. The only reason that I pass, is because I try. You fail and go to Hell when you stop trying. As Christians, we make a choice to choose God and separate from the World and as a mother I take this obligation to God even more serious because I don’t want my child to be exposed to everything and everyone. Moral of the story is, God gives us a choice in everything, and although, He know which way we are going to choose to go, He still allows us to choose. Honestly, speaking to the person that I saw, may or may not have made a difference to them, and if they saw me, I’m sure that I will hear about how saddity, I looked to them. However, I pray that the prayer that I prayed for them, causes a shift in their life. Sometimes you have to separate, pray and keep it moving. The only ones who are exempt from separation are those that God has assigned to me. May God allow us to have the wisdom on seasons and the words to pray to break yokes, change and restore. Amen. Be Blessed Queen, keep walking and keep shining. Never apologize for doing what is best for your mind, body and most of all your spirit. 

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