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Mr.Right Now

Now, I know that I can't be the only woman that has had a Mr.Right Now. Mr. Right Now is a cool guy, attractive, easy to be around, there when your bored and available to change a flat tire if necessary. But, you know that he isn't "the one". He's just a spot holder until your Mr. Right comes. Honestly, if you're like me, Mr. Right Now probably thinks that y'alls relationship is "it" and he thinks that y'all are good, but you know that you are just shooting the breeze. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago, I would have condoned Mr.Right Now and justified him as a stepping stone, but now...I say get rid of him now! It took God to break it down for me to understand that if Mr. Right Now isn't Mr. Right, then the situation isn't right at all. See, here's the thing, Mr.Right is going to look at you, and see his wife because he's going to be looking at you through the eyes of God. And, because of how he see's you, he is going to respect whatever situation that you are in. He also has too much integrity to disrespect an existing relationship even though he knows that you belong to him. Now, he may let you know who he is to you, but it won't be him disrespecting Mr.Right Now. Mr. Right Now on the other hand, won't mind being boyfriend #2 because he may be using you as a Ms.Right Now, while he's waiting for Ms. Right. So, I say to you: Don't invest time in something or someone that you don't want to be a lasting part of your life.M r. 

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