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Comfortable with uncomfortable...

Last week's blog disappeared and I promise that I did it....🙄

Over the past couple of months, I have had 3 interviews for 1 job....yes, 3 for 1 and they told me that they were interviewing one other person but week after week that person kept rescheduling but I was the one who showed up on time and did what was required of me...... I'll let that sink in.....

I showed up and did what was required of me by people in leadership who called upon me and God showed up on my behalf.


Everything that I didn't have faith enough to ask God for regarding salary, insurance, company benefits and company culture. God literally heard my heart and my unspoken prayers and blessed me just like that! 

I'm blessed, grateful and thankful all because I showed up.

Show up and watch God work it and show out! I know that this is just the beginning of my GREAT season!

***Straightens crown.. walk's off like a boss***

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