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I want a heart like....

I've always known that I'm not the best or the nicest person. I can honestly say that I have a imperfect heart and a flawed attitude. I don't have the most welcoming demeanor and I don't smile all the time. Sometimes I get angry, I say things and do things that don't please God. I don't have a lot of patience and I don't constantly walk with God's compassion...oh and I have road rage.

For some reason God has recently allowed  me to be more and more aware my heart and more and more aware of how I am with people. 

Nobody is perfect but some are stronger than others in certain areas. For example, my mother is a saint! She handles people with such a love that can only be explained by God. Me....I don't have that yet lol so I stay close to her and watch her because maybe one of these days, that gift will rub off on me. But until then, I'll stay prayed up and continue to ask God to continue to work on me and to lead me to do better.

Just don't surround yourself with like-minded people but surround yourself with people that you want to be like.

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