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Regret kills...RIP Regret

I am one of those people that believes that you can die from a broken heart. I am also one of those people that believes that regret can drive you beyond insanity and can kill you. I was talking to a lady that I don’t normally talk to and we begin to talk about children, parenting, life and etc. The lady shared with me that she only has one child but that she wanted more and would have had more if she would have married a particular man. Using my context clues, I put together that she and the guy crossed paths close to 30 years ago but the regret in her eyes was so fresh. She told me that at the time, the guy didn’t meet her standards that she had at the time so that she kept it moving but wished that she would have given it a chance. Now, its no secret that I believe that as women and people in general (but especially as women), we have to have standards. I have the divorce papers to prove that settling is never the answer. I also have certain people in my past that I wish our situation would have worked out differently. Because of my daughter I’d never go back, I just wonder sometimes. As a woman it’s important to recognize when a man is a bum and when he has potential because that simple aspect of ‘him’ is the difference between heartbreak and disappointment’s or a life full of love and legacy. At my age, a lot of guys don’t have it all together. I don’t even have it all together, but I have a plan. Okay, you don’t make 6 figures yet, but you have a business plan. Cool! Do you want me to look over it for you? Okay, you don’t have a house. But I see that your saving, paying off debt and already have a realtor. Okay, you don’t have a six pack. I don’t either! Lol Let’s go work out. A relationship isn’t about two perfect people, it’s about two imperfect people whose love for one another makes them better. Get your man before God give him to someone who is willing to work with him to build that empire.

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