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So this morning I get up and start my daily routine, haul my stuff and my daughters stuff and my daughter to the car. Get in my car, I'm ready to start my day and get my baby to daycare..... Only for my car not to start. I then call my Dad so that he can give me a boost. An hour later the boost still was like "nah we're not really feeling this." 

I had already sent my supervisor an email, my daughter was sleepy and time was just moving and I was calm. In a situation where I would normally be crying ( yes crying), uptight, angry and upset with God, I was calm. 

Why? Idk....

Honestly, I haven't by any means gotten to the point to where I am unbothered by what I can't change, but I am getting there. And today was God letting me know that I'm getting there even if I'm baby crawling to that place, I'm getting there. Again, I'm not there but I am closer than I was last week. Lol.

Nothing in life comes with the snap of a finger and if it does a lot of times that victory won't be as sweet. If I woke up 50 pounds lighter, yes I'd be thrilled but I wouldn't be as disciplined to not eat the cake or to not drink the soda. I wouldn't be better mentally or spiritually, just physically! I wouldn't be stronger, more disciplined or wiser, I'd just be skinny lol

In other words Queen, Just trust the process that God wants to use to make you better. 

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