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Good Looking out God...

God is truly amazing! You can really be in a place of wondering, questioning, waiting, worrying to the point of you feeling like you are only existing and not living. God has given me so may visions and dreams and desires for myself and the gifts that He gave me and sometimes, I honestly question if I will ever reach my full potential or if I will just die a dreamer. But I won’t!!! I will reach my full potential with, in and through God.

Today God gave me a little ray of hope that will carry me a long way. Today I received a message from someone (I don’t know who) and their encouragement and criticism were and are much appreciated.

In this blog I want to encourage you to keep going. Keep moving. Keep pressing forward. It is better to try and learn than it is to sit back and allow fear to keep you stagnant.

Ask God to guide you, ask God to make His way plain and trust the process. Some of us are truly meant to be broken so that others can be made whole.

I love each and every one of you who take the time to read my blog. You are my friends and you are my family. You mean so much to me whether you read and QueenMe blesses you or if you read for messy gain, I love you & Thank you!

Blogs will up weekly, every Monday.

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