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What the foolishness....

I am definitely in a space right now where I want love. I don't want a situationship or to just talk to somebody, I want that 90's old school love song type of love. & With that....I've dealt with a lot in regards to men but I feel like society's expectation is for me to deal with more. Over the past few weeks and months, I've heard countless women say that cheating is a part of a relationship....????? I seriously want to know when this foolish mentality hopped on the scene. Now I've been cheated on and in any situation, either chose to work it out or chose to walk away but in neither instance did I think that the cheating was a part of how the relationship was "supposed to go". I stayed because of ( complete transparency) self-esteem issues or because I truly thought that the relationship could grow beyond the situation. Now, if you have anybody worth having and if you are with someone that you think is special, then you better believe that another person thinks that they are special too. It is up to your man to turn that woman away (not you!) and uphold the commitment that he made to you. Whether he is your boyfriend, fiance or husband, he has an obligation to be faithful to you and you have an obligation to be faithful to him. Don't let society feed you the nonsense of thinking that you have to stay and accept something that you don't deserve. Period. I'm a huge advocate for working it out in a relationship but I am not an advocate of being unhappy and broken because of someone else's infidelity. 

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