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To beg may be to settle...

I'm well aware that this was the title of last week's Blog but I looked at it and immediately God spoke to me! To beg may be to settle.... Recently someone who I have Always been there for has turned their back on me. I've prayed for and with this person, encouraged them, celebrated with them and even cried with them. Never receiving what I given or what I expected in return. 

I place an expectation on everyone in my life (even the guy at McDonald's whom I expect to give me my fries hot and fresh 😁). It's hardly ever a monetary expectation but an expectation of respect, love and honesty. I often find myself giving people in my life too many chances to meet the minimum qualifications of my expectations. Settling! 

Settling to have a friend. Settling to have a mate. Settling to have a texting buddy. Just settling to settle. Missing out on what is real and valuable and settling for the "right" now. I believe that I have sown too much to be surrounded by sucky people. 

You shouldn't have to beg anyone to treat you how you know that you deserve to be treated.... adjust your crown, get rid of that baggage and carry on.

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