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To beg may be to settle...

A lot of times in life, we want what we want, what we want and when we want it. Majority of us want to be in God's will but we still want to win the lottery, get that promotion or get that car even if that's not what God has for you. We (I) may even pray and bargain with God like "God if you allow me to win the lottery, the first thing that I am going to do is pay my tithes and build a building for my church." 😁 I know that I can't be the only one who has had that conversation with God. Right? I believe that a lot of things happen because of our persistence and begging God for certain things. What if what you are asking for, no matter how "great" you think it is, is really settling for and delaying the better thing that God has for you. I recently went through a season to where God continuously told me not to settle. In every aspect of my life, I kept hitting brick walls by settling for this car, or this guy, or this job or this house. It wasn't necessarily what God truly had for me but what He allowed me to have because of my begging and pleading. Impatience has taken me to some dark places that trusting God would have kept me out of. I always say that you desires and dreams aren't by chance but you have to know that if you see your life going one way, that way is to too simple minded for God. 

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