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I remember my very very very first love. I won't say his name but I will say that I had a notebook dedicated to writing Mrs. Meco _____. I was 16/17, he was 19 and you could not tell me that we weren't going to be together forever! FOREVER EVER EVER!

 I read a quote that I am going to paraphrase, it said that your first love was love as you knew it the moment when you experienced it. Meaning that through years and experience your definition of love evolves, but before it evolves you feel love but you feel it in a different sense. (If you still don't get it.. lol) I loved my first love and when we were together I didn't think that love could go beyond what I felt for him.... until I met my second love, but I can't take away what I felt the first time because that was love as I knew it. Another example is my ex-husband; I can never say that I didn't love him but as I was introduced to a different level of love my expectation and my interpretation of love changed. Love is by far the greatest thing that exists, the greatest feeling that we can have and the most valuable yet priceless aspect of life. Love grows as you grow and it's so crucial to embrace loves growing pains and to never dismiss the lessons that love teaches you. Grow, thrive, bounce back and evolve as love allows you and graces you to. (God is Love!) 

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