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But not to me....

My daughter's father was one of the most teddy bear like men that I have ever met. Every since the day that I met him he was just soft and cuddly to me lol Even if we disagreed or if I got in my feelings and caused a mini scene, he never yelled at me, disrespected me or called me out of my name. I'd witnessed him several times go from 0 to 1000 quickly, but not with me. Never with me!

After he passed I talked to his family and they were talking about his attitude and they were truly shocked that in the 6 years that we knew each other, he never snapped on me. I said "I knew that he had an attitude, but not with me."

See, people treat you how you command or demand to be treated. I have always done my best to love and respect myself and I don't expect anything less from the people that I allow (yes allow) to be apart of my life. If I treat myself like a Queen, why would I allow you to treat me like trash?

Now let me say that some people are less than smart and seek to break you or test you in how they treat you to see what they can get away with ( shout-out to my husband (was-husband)) but you can stop that entire situation because when you treat yourself better, you know that you deserve better!

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