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You're his little secret...

It's no secret that I haven't started dating since my daughter's father died but I do have experience in dating men with kids. My prerequisite has always been that it's okay for a man to have kids as long as he takes care of them and has a good drama-free relationship with their mother. I've never had a requirement to meet the child because I've always bused wisdom on knowing if it would be worth it or not. I.e, if we are just having fun there is no need for me to meet your child but I did meet my daughter's siblings because it was a serious relationship. I always do blogs on subjects that I know and give advice that I think that every woman needs to hear. Recently I came across someone who has been with a guy off and on for over a decade, has seen him get married to 2 different women and have 4 children that he has never asked her to meet.......let that sink in. You are okay marrying a guy or even entertaining a guy that doesn't be think that you are good enough to meet any if his kids? Do you not know know your worth at all? I'm not saying that you should meet each other's children on the first date but when you are looking at building a future with someone don't you think that you should have a full picture of him as a man and if he's okay with keeping you a secret to his Children what else is he keeping from you? The things that make you say hmmmm??? 

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