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2017 has been a really challenging year for me and though my daughter is the highlight of my year and my life, being a single mother is beyond difficult. I've never hid the fact that I have always bsttled depression and here lately it has come to the surface. I've always been my toughest critic and even when I achieve something it's never good enough, I always want more and better. I'm always advocating for loving who you are in God, embracing life, finding and owning your purpose and not letting life drag you down with obstacles. But here lately I have been allowing life to drag me down to the point be that I have allowed myself to think that I am defeated when I really am victorious. It took my infamous ex- husband who recently disrespected me for me to realize how far God has brought me! Yes I have gone through A LOT but because of it, I am a better woman, person, mother and child of God. It's not about being close to a new year but it's about a new day and being able to choose joy, peace, love and to choose not to allow a "man" to disrespect me ever again. I was broken and mistreated but God allowed me to survive, I can't allow my survival and delivery to be in vain. I have to pick up a mind set of strength, self-love and sharpen my faith so sharp that it kills depression without breaking a sweat. I'm back y'all and shout-out to my ex for reminding me how far I've come! 

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