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Be wise....

The other day I was watching the talk show The Real, wnd they were talking about the comedian Kevin Hart and his recent infidelity scandal. They started talking about how his current wife knew the kind of 'man' that he is when they got married because at one point and time, she was the 'other woman'. Now, because some of his stand up routines are heavily based on his infidelity in his first marriage, I have to believe that his current wife was aware of his past. I hear somebody tell his wife that she left her sideline position vacant so somebody had to fill it💣. I'm not gonna touch that statement though but.... shout-out to my ex's mistress lol Anyway as I digress the host of The Real began to talk about relationships and being able to recognize the signs of what kind of male that you're dealing with. I am a firm believer that if you seek God's will regarding your mate, He will bring clarity. I knew before my ex proposed that I should have rebuked our whole situation. However, I was impatient with the man that I believe actually should have been my husband (if I would have waited, I'd literally be out of the country right now.) Nevertheless I was in a toxic relationship for a reason! God allowed me to make that choice and kept me through all of the chaos that followed. I say all of that to say this: nobody's perfect but there is someone that is perfect for you. I don't know what the future holds for me and my daughter but I believe in my heart that there is a man that God has for me and for that man, I won't have to settle or compromise. I truly thought that me and my daughter's father would grow old together and have a beautiful, fruitful and favorful life. I was going to say that God had other plans but we were together until his death and even now I have him in my heart. Don't sell yourself short by cheating yourself out of the love that God has for you. Now, marriage is not easy but it's worth it. You'll have highs and lows maybe even infidelities but when you know what the person who you are in covenant with is God's choice and not your choice, you will prevail. 

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