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What did I do to her?

I started a new job almost a month ago and I'm still partially in training, as I was sitting with my trainer, one of my training classmates came up and I spoke to her and she just looked at me. Now, at this point of only being at my job a month, I haven't offended anyone because I really haven't talked to anyone, I stay to myself. The lady is actually extremely friendly so it really surprised me that she was so cold.

Immediately when I was wondering how or if I'd possibly offended her, God reminded me that I. I'm not for everybody and some people are going to dislike me simply because I'm me. It's important for us to remember that in the midst of making friends and attempting to show ourselves friendly; some people won't like you because of the calling that you have on life. But those that dislike you without reason are those that don't deserve you!

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