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I'm not ready to waste your time..

Please please please forgive me for my unannounced hiatus. Working full-time and being a single mommy is exhausting and I am going to do better! 

Anywho lol

It's no secret that my child's father died at the beginning of my first trimester and I think about him every single day. I honestly don't see the day that I won't love him. He holds a very special place in my heart. With that being said, I haven't been with anyone since him and I feel some type of way about the possibility of being with someone else. 

The other day a guy at my job was overzealously flirting with me. I smiled and laughed but shut it down real quick. Why? Not because he isn't cute, charming, funny, chivalrous, etc. But because I know that I'm not ready to be in a relationship and I'm not ready to waste his time or mines pretending to be ready. 

I'm sure that most people would say just jump back into it but I'd rather be honest with myself than to waste time that neither one of us can get back.

Now, I do daydream about getting remarried and having a husband and father figure for my daughter and a blended family but I also see myself as a single mother working hard to give my baby the world sans any distractions. 

Only God knows what is to come and when but until He gives me the green light I won't be waisting my time!

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