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The road to post-partum recovery for me was filled with holes, bumps, ditches and lots of stitches and as I heal I find myself still doing things the way that I did when I was "broken". One day as I was going through my cleaning ritual, The Holy Spirit said to me "Why won't you accept your healing?" I said " hmmm...Okay God." Since that day, I have been doing things to embrace my healing. Now, you won't see me doing Jumping Jack's or jumping on a trampoline anytime soon but that's another story. 

Aside from physical healing, thinking about spiritual healing; I feel that many of us ( I'll be the first to hold up my hands)  hold on to things that God really wants us to be free from and things that God will free us from simply because we are so use to having that handicap. For instance years ago, I had a friend and we were inseperable to the point that people actually thought that we were related and when God allowed me to see that she was a toxic part of my life, I ignored Him because I didn't know how I would function without the relationship. Who was I going to talk to? Who was I going to go out with? Who was going to be my wingman? 

I didn't think I could survive without the "friendship". But when God made me let go (Yes, made me.) I felt so much better because I wasn't crippled from the handicapped nor was I tired from pouring energy into a dead situation.

Never allow yourself to think that being broken is normal. Sometimes you have to fight for your healing and sometimes you just have to accept it!

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