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Having my daughter truly started a new chapter in my life and unveiled a new 'me' that I didn't know existed. I am a mother now and I love my daughter with every breath of me! Her arrival has definitely shifted things for me.

 QueenMe is largely rooted in my previous testimonies. I believe that what God has allowed me to go through can help somebody else. With that being said, I found out some very surprising things about my daughter's father including the fact that she has a brother 7 months older than her that I didn't know about until he passed. I know that one day, I'll have the opportunity to encourage and minister to a woman who is in the place that I'm in now. However, I will never speak negatively about him to my daughter because I want her to know how amazing he was and I will not attempt to destroy his character. He played a part in the best thing that ever happened to me.

I really wanted to address that for inquiring minds. I also want to say blending families with other baby Mama's is more than just a notion! Y'all pray for me.

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