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The other day in was thinking about a person who shall remain nameless and I was honestly thinking about removing them out of my life completely because they seem to always have a hidden agenda in everything that they do but, God told me not to remove them but to filter them.

Having my daughter and trying to establish a blended family with her paternal side ( a whole 'notha blog) for her has taught me the importance of keeping people around but keeping them at an appropriate distance.

Sometimes God gives us the ability to filter what we allow people to contribute to our lives rather than completely removing them from our lives. In my current space, I'm filtering a lot of things and a lot of people. I'm making a conscious choice to not respond to every call, text, Snapchat, IM and etc.

It's not a crime to not allow people complete access to your life. Everyone can't be that close! Judas had a person but Jesus didn't have a circle full of him.

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