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Fraudulent 'Love'

I love true love.. like that 'stare at you when you're sleep because I love you so much' type of love. 😍 But this 'I love you on social media but I real life can't stand you' 'love' is repulsive! I've had my share of relationships and situationships (including friends with benefits (just being honest)) to know that something's can't be faked and something's shouldn't be forced. Since my boyfriend's death, I am nowhere near emotionally ready to open my heart to anyone but when God allows me to heal, I will heal knowing my worth and knowing what I will and won't accept and I will love that man so deeply, purely and truly that he will know that 'we' are God ordained. Now y'all know that I do my best to keep peoples identity under wraps because I don't have time for an argument or a lawsuit. So as I use my keenest level of desression I will say that I know a person who is in a dead relationship. This person does everything and more for their partner and in return their partner is both emotionally and physically abusive. This person also complains non-stop about how unhappy they are and how they acknowledge that they should have never made a commitment to that person. Yet, if you look at your nearest social media app, you will see how 'happy' they are with their partner and how "complete" they feel because of them. What are you really gaining by putting up a facade and perpetrating a fraud? 

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