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The biggest mistake...

One of the most powerful and biggest mistakes that we can make is to actually regret and to spend time acting as if something never happened. If you believe in God, you should also believe that all things happen for a reason. I'm really a creative person so when things happen and the outcome isn't what I expected or thought, I will literally spend the energy thinking about how life was before or how it would have been if I would have went down road B. People don't understand why I praise God for my divorce but I'm so thankful for it because that situation taught me to embrace whatever God allows to happen in my life. While I was going through the situation I felt like it was the end of life...but God! It was devastating when it hapened, but the moment that I was able to accept and embrace my past and my present is the moment that I became free. It wasn't an easy process but it was so worth it. Everything that happens to us is a part of God's Big Plan and to regret any part of the plan is insane because in all that we go through, He is ultimately building us to be who and what He created us to be. 

Let go of regret and embrace your freedom! Fix your crown Queen!

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